I thought music harmony was base 12 mathematics at first, and then I had WILLOUGHBY'S DREAM (base 24 mathematics) & WILLOUGHBY'S HARMONIC CLOCK (base 48 mathematics) all of the NOTES of all of the CHORDS of all of the KEY and octaves OCTAVE of WESTERN MUSIC  

The Willoughby Scale adds additional note names to the Chromatic Note names O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


Across the top of the CHORDTEACHER is the printed  replica of a 6-stringed guitar fret board, comprising  of 6 horizontal color-coded lines representing the 6 strings of a  guitar, and vertical lines representing the frets. Each fret is  numbered 1-19. All of the chromatic scale notes, the natural notes,  sharps & flats and the Willoughby scale notes are color-coded and  labeled at  the intersections of the strings and frets. Across the bottom of the CHORDTEACHER is the  printed replica of a piano-type musical keyboard with all of the  chromatic notes color-coded and labeled. Above each piano key is printed  the corresponding note of the “Willoughby Scale” of my invention.

The Willoughby Scale adds additional note names to the  Chromatic Note names as follows by renaming each note with the last 12  letters of the alphabet, O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Traditionally these  notes are called natural notes, sharps and flats,  

O = B , Cb , C flat , 1/2 step , P = C, B# , B sharp ,  1/2 step , Q = C# , C sharp / Db , D flat , 1/2 step , R = D , 1/2 step ,  S = D# , D sharp / Eb , E flat , 1/2 step , T = E , Fb , F flat , 1/2  step , U = F , E# , E sharp , 1/2 step , V = F# , F sharp / Gb , G flat ,  1/2 step , W = G , 1/2 step , X = G# , G sharp / Ab , A flat , 1/2 step , Y = A ,  1/2 step , Z = A# , A sharp / Bb, B flat , 1/2 step , and back to the  beginning

: In conclusion, it can be stated that my inventions,  as described herein, present new and useful ways to explore and  practically apply the scientific relationships between music, harmony  and mathematics. The Willoughby Scale eliminates the confusion generated  by the old-school traditional use of sharps and flats in the chromatic  scale by renaming each note with the last 12 letters of the alphabet.

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