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CHORDTEACHER  is the fun and easy way to teach yourself and others how to play chords  on guitars and piano keyboards. the 12 dial system show you the notes  of each chord and where to find the note on your piano keyboard or guitar fret board,

It  makes 144 chords and with the inversions of the chords the CHORDTEACHER  makes 504 different chord combinations (that come out to less than .06  cents per chord, (you can't get music lessons any cheaper than that)

     Everyone has music ability, but a lot of people get discouraged trying  to learn to play a musical instrument. that is why I created the  CHORDTEACHER. so that anyone and everyone who wants to can share the joy  of learning, playing, and teaching  with this fun easy to use color  coded teaching device.

It is my dream for the world to come together through music.


With the CHORDTEACHER under the guitar strings dial up the chord you wish to play and it shows notes

Every thing you need to learn, play and teach music

The CHORDTEACHER music teaching device, puts 1000 years  of music history and music theory at your fingertips ,,, The good news is you don't need to know and of the music history or the music theory of the math that music is mad up of you only need to know where to put your fingers on a guitar fret board, or piano keyboard and have a little rhythm  

order 1 or more chordteachers we will ship them to your door


Learn music with the CHORDTEACHER all of the music History, music theory at your fingertips that the top music schools will teach you